Do you consume nicotine by using IQOS?

Yes, nicotine is naturally present in the tobacco leaf which is used in the production of heated tobacco units, that have been designed to be used with IQOS.

However, nicotine is addictive and may cause side-effects similar to those associated with other nicotine-containing products. Click here for more information.

A better alternative to tobacco? Yes, IQOS

Today, there are various alternatives available to traditional tobacco. From Philip Morris Internacional (PMI) we introduce you a better alternative: IQOS. In recent years, the search for a better lifestyle has given rise to a large quantity of smokeless alternatives, like IQOS, that uses real tobacco.

This makes IQOS so much more than an electronic device, it represents the future or those smokers searching a better alternative to traditional tobacco. IQOS has a unique formula that makes it special: its HeatControl™ patented system. When heating tobacco, it produces an aerosol which contains nicotine, but doesn’t generate smoke, ash or cigarette-like smell.

IQOS encompasses sophistication and convenience in a single device: its compact, ergonomic design that is easy to carry with you at all times, means your electronic device can be ready for use at any time. See how IQOS works and what accessories can be used to tailor it to your needs.

Get the latest version of IQOS

From Phillip Morris International (PMI) we have created a series of products that eliminate tobacco combustion. This new generation of electronic devices is the future of a smokeless life, cigarette-like smell or ash.

Our online store offers various different models of IQOS to suit different lifestyles and needs. Find yours and get your latest IQOS accessories, like the different color casings. You can also buy the latest version, the IQOS 3, which features a compact, ergonomic design and functions with IQOS PortectPlus™, the best protection for your device.